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Sexual Wellness

Sexual wellness is pretty complex & can mean something different to everyone. Sexual wellness is essentially about feeling aligned in your connection to pleasure, sexuality & your bodies wants & needs. It refers to the quality of your physical, emotional & mental state when it comes to sex, intimacy & when connecting with yourself or others.


Intimacy is important in all kinds of relationships not just romantic & sexual ones. It isn't something that you just have or don’t have; it's a process that takes time to nurture & grow. Intimacy is presence & intention in the constant evolution of authentic connections.

Different types of intimacy include: Emotional, Physical, Sexual, Spiritual, Experiential & Intellectual.


Human connection is the sense of closeness & belonging felt when both parties feel seen, heard & valued. Connection require a non-judgmental attitude & building a deep sense of trust. Authentically connecting should have you to feeling nourished, recharged or at peace after engaging with someone.

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Photo of diverse couple with man in wheelchair and woman standing behind in an intimate embrace. Text overlay indicates the featured blog post of five podcast episodes on pleasure, disability and abelism that will change the way you think about sex.