About Alchemy.




A pro-pleasure, sex positive shop with an inclusive approach that celebrates pleasure empowerment, connection & education. We aim to de-stigmatize pleasure, sexual wellness & reproductive health because we believe it should be 100% accessible to everyone. Through a human centred approach, we curate quality, body safe products that are inclusive, modern & functional without compromising our health or the health of the planet.
Our mission is to empower you to explore & embrace your sexuality in a safe & healthy way. We are committed to creating a compassionate & welcoming community that celebrates diversity & encourages sexual wellbeing for all.  
We envision a world where sexuality is an opportunity for self discovery, empowerment & body autonomy in ways that fundamentally improve the relationship we have with ourselves. Pleasure is so much more than just sex, & it is for everybody. Sexual wellness certainly has come a long way since the days of dingy XXX stores that we grew up avoiding or very reluctantly visiting. At Alchemy, we want to push sexual health & wellness even further to create more comfortable, judgment free spaces that truly normalize pleasure & intimate wellness.


 We Aspire to: 


  • De-stigmatize pleasure & sexual wellness
  • Make pleasure products more accessible to everyone, especially rural communities
  • Ensure that sexual wellness doesn't discriminate against any identity or ability
  • Contribute to a world where business means people over profit not profit at the expense of people
  • Collaborate with socially conscious businesses, Indigenous, women owned, & other small businesses that also align with our values & mission. 











Meet Alchemy's Owner  



Brooklyn (She/Her) is a life long learner passionate about social justice, disability advocacy & human sexuality. She combines her studies in gender, psychology & political science with her experience working with at risk youth, individuals on a spectrum of disability & in mental health & addictions. She believes that sexual liberation & education are fundamental to stopping stigma, shifting shame, & changing the way we engage with pleasure & sexuality. She brings years of experience working with diverse & marginalized populations & her passion for environmental sustainability to her role at Alchemy Wellness Co. 

After years of working in community support & social development roles, the existing stigma, lack of inclusivity & accessibility in sexual health & wellness became VERY evident. Alchemy was founded after the realization that intimate wellness should be accessible to absolutely everyone regardless if you identify as a man, woman, non-binary, LGBTQIA+2S, neuro-divergent or as being on any spectrum of physical, intellectual or developmental disabilities. Everyone deserves access to educational & empowering resources, products & of course pleasure.