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 Meet the Basics




The classic & most widely used, vibrators are a necessity when it comes to exploring pleasure. Many and actually most women wont climax from penetration alone which is why we think vibrators are a necessity for any individuals sexual wellness toolkit. Vibrators are now available in an assortment of styles and different types like the cult classic;


The wand. Introduced as a back massager in the days when pleasure wasn't so widely accepted, the wand has come along way since then while maintaining the much loved shape & ease of use that has made it a classic & favourite for most. 



 Woman wearing crop top and underwear being held by partner while displaying Com silicon personal massager in colour quartz in front of dark blue backgroundEthnic woman delicately holding silicon Com personal massager in colour quartz by dame.

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Bullet Vibes. They vary in design & style with some are considered "lip stick" vibrators. The overall essence is that they are specifically made for clitoral stimulation by providing targeted vibrations often with one or many different speeds to stimulate pleasure.

Pom by Dame is a great example of a bullet vibe that was created to fit in the palm of your hand (pictured below).





 Fin By Dame is different variation of the bullet vibe that     features finger straps & a unique design that is great for   both solo & partnered pleasure exploration (pictured   below).


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Wearable Vibes. Hands free vibration for targeted stimulation & pleasure. Wearable vibes are each unique & may or may not work for everyone. Eva II is an example of a wearable vibe that is tucked inside for a handsfree experience.








Pleasure products that are used through penetration including some that might include the options for vibration or added sensations & stimulation. Dildos can be basic & straightforward used simply for penetrative pleasure or include features that expand their versatility. We cary some that have suction bases to take use in the shower with you or some that have warming sensations to explore temperature play. Dildos come in a large variety of materials depending on your needs, such as; Glass, porcelain & silicon. 



Marble decorated porcelain personal massager by desirables displayed in front of solid white background.


Desirables hand made porcelain personal massagers 


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Strap On Dildos.  

Strap-ons are a fun way to experiment with role reversal, pegging and can be a great addition for any identity as well as LGBTQ+2S individuals or couples. Strap ons can also be a great help for anyone who experiences erectile dysfunction problems & have the ability to enhance your pleasure experience. 



Share-vibe is a wearable & strapless dildo designed to stimulate both partners during sex. We also cary a variety of the classic harness & dildo strap on combos with interchangeable dildos so you can choose the size thats right for you. 


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Butt Stuff




Plugs. Butt plugs can seem a little intimidating which is why we cary a variety of kits and individual plugs to accomodate what is comfortable for you. Kits are a great way to start small & work your way up to what every size you choose. Butt plugs come in glass & silicone but should always contain a base so they can be safely handled during sex. 



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Beads. Anal beads or balls are made up of shapes (usually spheres, but they can also be oval or pill-shaped) that are fixed on a progressive, long string. There are several types out there, the best ones are completely silicone (including the string and beads), a body-safe material that’s flexible & easier to use.


Prostate Massagers. Prostate massagers are a type of anal sex toy designed to stimulate the prostate gland. Most massagers have smooth, rounded tips for easy insertion into the anus. They’re generally curved so as to press against the part of the rectum that rests alongside the prostate. Many prostate massagers have a vibration mode for added stimulation, and some are designed with an external component that presses against your perineum, a sensitive are between your anus & your scrotum. 


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Props & Accessories



Props can be a great way to make sex more comfortable while exploring different positions and sensations. Pillo by Dame, is a great example of a prop that can assist with many different positions in solo or partnered play to make pleasure more comfortable & accessible. 


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