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We are proud to curate & collaborate with some amazing Canadian, women & Indigenous owned companies that align with our sustainability, inclusivity & accessibility mission. We decided to feature some of our personal favourites. 




Supporting Socially Conscious, Canadian, Women & Indigenous owned business. 





  Meet Wednesday Co. 

Sometimes less is more. With no gimmicks, no harmful chemicals, no outlandish claims. Simple, clean, & well made is their motto.

Being LGBTQ+ & Canadian owned and operated, we love how inclusivity & equality are at the heart of everything they do. Wednesday Co. believes in sexual wellness & pleasure for all and never discriminates.


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Meet Province Apothecary.



Gold bar incense holder by province apothecary displayed in front of solid white background. Had dipped essential oil incense standing in holder. 3 dark blue glass bottles of Province Apothecary sex oil, body oil and lovers oil standing vertically on white sheet. Displayed in brightly lit scene against solid white background.


Canadian owned & operated, Province Apothecary uses only ingredients, tools & packaging that are sourced in a responsible and sustainable way. Ensuring that the workers are safe, treated fairly & that the environmental & social impacts are taken into consideration during all aspects of the sourcing process. Their products are packed in 100% recyclable packaging for their products so no extra plastic. 


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Meet Land Of Daughters. 





Metis + female founded, LOD has a focus on community and aims to make a different future for the next generation. They share our same vision of a world where we value knowing where their things came from & knowing where their money goes to.

Let's burn candles and the patriarchy together.


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Meet Desirables. 



Based out of Montreal Désirable's began in 2011 when founder came to conclusions that the current sex toys industry ignores the concepts of ethics, responsibility and hygiene. Thus, this is how we started the Design & Intimacy project, which aimed to provide an alternative that is more ethical, responsible and in harmony with the erotic and intimate realities of couples.


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Pleasure Essentials Created by Women for Women.





Meet Dame.



Dame is your women-powered source for products for pleasure, designed to nourish sexual wellness and deepen connections.

The National Survey of Sexual Health & Behaviour has shown that women report "less satisfaction with sexual activity than men with less pleasure, less arousal, and fewer orgasms." Dame is working to end this disparity and what is also known as "The Pleasure Gap." By shaping paths to shame-free sexual pleasure.


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Sustainably & Ethically Made Period Wellness  





Meet Blume. 



Blume was created to make self care easier and healthier, while de-stigmatizing normal things like acne, puberty, periods and sex ed. We're here to protect and nurture, and shift the narrative away from perfect skin and towards healthy skin.


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   Meet Aisle. 



Established in 1993, Aisle was one of the very first companies in the world to bring modern reusable period products to the masses. Nearly 3 decades later, our washable pads and period underwear are better than ever. Aisle products are built to be truly sustainable, they have to work for you *and* for the planet. That's why their collection of eco-friendly reusables are fashionable, functional, and easy to wear. Because people with periods deserve products that feel good, fit well, and never let us down.


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   Meet Joni.  



Walk the period care aisle and your options are likely stereotypical packaging on conventional plastic products with messaging like "all natural" that are products which are not reliable and have ingredients you can't pronounce. Joni knew it was time for a new option because the world has changed dramatically and gives you the best of both worlds — all natural and products that work plus a social mission that gives back to the communities we all live in.


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Canadian Companies That Celebrate Connection & Intimacy





   Meet Cool to Connect. 



Cool to Connect is a Canadian company with a passion for igniting connections between humans to enhance our experience on earth, with accessible and revolutionary tools to support our basic needs: connection.



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Meet Swoon. 



Based in Vancouver, BC Swoon understands how we were tired of feeling like we were wasting our precious time and energy in dating, so they decided it was high time we found a fresh approach. Swoon is a modern dating deck with 52 prompt cards that inspires some fun and more meaningful conversations.  



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 Made With Inclusivity in Mind




We also carry some of the cult classics of sex toys. Including brands internationally distributed such as:

Fun Factory 
Doc Johnson
Je Joue
We Vibe 
Lora Dicarlo